Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Plans

I love summer.
I love the carefree life that is associated with summer.
I love that summer is sunny.
I love that summer is a perfect time to be ambitious and start goals.
I love that summer is a perfect time to accomplish goals.
I love that summer is a time to finally be able to relax and once in a while enjoy the sun.
I love that summer screams family and friend time.
I love that summer gives you that time.

My summer plans are quite simple.
I've decided it's about time to enjoy the simple life.
The life of a single adult.
I'm going to enjoy my family.
I'm going to enjoy the sun. I'm going to enjoy life with my friends.
I'm going to enjoy life on the farm. I'm going to work hard and get ready.
I'm going to prepare for the life of a future missionary!

That's right, I've decided to serve a mission. I'm soooo excited and I can't wait. But I have 5 months of waiting!

Oh ya, so I got my mission call. I finished my papers last tuesday (5/10) and I got the letter in the mail yesterday (5/18). It was such a fast turn around...I wasn't really expecting it. I was so surprised when I saw the letter on the counter I think my heart stopped. My sister thoroughly enjoyed watching me FREAK out and try to keep my cool. But regardless... It came. And after the longest and most nerve wracking and annoying 7 hours possible, I got to open my call.

I'm going to the BRAZIL LONDRINA mission.
I report to the Brazil MTC on October 19th!

Ya that is exactly 5 months away.
Ya, that is a really long time.
Ya, I will have a blast :D
Ya, I will die of humidity (Southern Brazil has around 75% humidity close to year round).
Ya, it will be a crazy 18 months.
Ya, I don't know what I'm doing.
Ya, I am overwhelmed.
Ya, I am scared.
And ya, I am excited and can't wait!

So what are my summer plans exactly?
  • -I plan on getting my visa figured out
  • -I plan on spending a month having fun with my nieces and nephews...and of course my sisters!
  • -I plan on reading a book (not sure the book yet, but I'm reading it)
  • -I plan on working out/exercising ALL the time
  • -I plan on eating a lot of American food
  • -I plan on reading a lot from Preach My Gospel
  • -I plan on learning a basic foundation of Portuguese
  • -I plan on going to Lake Powel

In the fall I plan on:
  • -Going to Provo to hang out with friends
  • -Cleaning out my room and throwing away some old clothes
  • -Packing for 18 months in 2 suitcases (I pack 1 suitcase for 1 week!...uh-oh...)
  • -Cutting my hair (I need something that I won't want to chop off myself while I'm there)
  • -Having my parents cook for me :D

Most importantly, on October 19th, I plan on arriving at the MTC in Brazil (probably being a basket case), trying to put on a brave face and saying, "I'm ready to be here".
On October 19th I plan on being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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