Friday, January 9, 2009

I didn't have a choice

So I really didn't want to start my own blog...but I really didn't have a choice. Ok so I lied, I was going to but I was going to wait until I have nothing better in my life to do. But I couldn't help's for a grade dang it! In my intro to facilities management class I am required to create a blog and use it. Yes I know...Facilities and Properties Management. The thing is, I'm trying something different out this semester. I am taking 4 intro classes for majors that I am considering because I am halfway through my sophomore year at BYU and I'm running out of generals...I need to figure out my life. So the approach I came up with was to take a bunch of different intro classes in majors I'm looking into. I'll keep you posted with what I decide to do. As of now, I am thinking about Food Science (or Food Industry Management), Adverstising, Exercise: Fitness and Welness Management, and then Facilities and Properties Management. But hopefully, by the end of the semester I've got it figured out...of I'm screw for life. Lucky for me huh?

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  1. Forced to create your blog...I know. But, we thank you for doing it! Your blog looks great!