Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nieces and Nephews

I love my family. And I love my nieces and nephews. Each one is so different. I went over to Carly and Mike's last night and what did I come to? Noah following his mother around everywhere. And when she was stationary, he silently plays. While Kimi....holy crap. Kimi is the most crazy little person I think I've met. She had to tell me every single thing she could think of. She's getting pretty good at having her mouth catch up with her 100 mph brain. And somewhere in her random stories...one right after another...she had to tell me that she was a child of God, and so was I, and so was Irene, Bryan, and Cindy (my roomates). And as for Wendy and Rey and the now 3 kids...I hear plenty of stories. For one...during the summer when we went to Virginia, Sammy and Ally thought that it would be funny to switch clothes. So Sammy runs down in Ally's skirt and Ally runs down in Sammy's shorts. Or Sammy took Grandma's cellphone and thought it would be funny to take it. Ally is the biggest help and is so sweet...and Sammy...haha Sammy makes you laugh too much. And Penny is so beautiful and I can't wait to see her, just the way she looks wants me to sqeeze her.
So you ask what has brought this up? Well Rachael is getting bigger and bigger by the day...and more and more uncomfortable by the day...and well...I don't have to go through any of that crap. I can just enjoy another niece when she comes into the picture in a couple weeks. I am just so excited. I'm not going to be able to see Rachael at work anymore...so I plan on playing with that precious newborn almost every day...Rach and Brady...get ready! Hehe


  1. That is a really funny picture of Kimi!! We do have a pretty great family.

  2. 2 things by the way, I need that picture of Noah, he's so cute on his birthday in his cake, and 2, I like being able to read the posts on your blog now. It was hard to read before.