Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Bane of My Existence...

...cold sores. I have this disease. When I get stressed...these stupid things come out to haunt me on my lips. This week has been super stressful and three cold sores came out on my bottom lip. Pretty much I'm self-conscious of it. I've had them all my life. Nobody else can tell...except me of course.
But I do have a story about my cold-sore curse. In high school, I really got into chapstick and I swore by the fact that if I didn't put on chapstick as much as I did, then I would get cold sores. My mom didn't think so and she wanted me to get out of the habit. So I was going to be stubborn and prove to here that chapstick was my lip-saver. For three days I told her I wouldn't put on one bit of chapstick. Before the 3 days were up, I had the 2 biggest cold sores on my mouth I have EVER had. It pretty much was not fun. They were so big and stuck out from my mouth I swear almost a 1/2 inch.
Neadless to say, I won that battle and mom felt really bad about it. The problem is this though...It was so big everyone wouldn't ever look at my eyes when I talked to them, they would look at the growth on my mouth. But anyway, luckily I have this medicine I take now that speeds up the process of my cold sores, but it doesn't make them go away. But I'm luckily on my way out of this round.


  1. Katelyn! This is Kelsey! I didn't know you had a blog, but when I read the first sentence I totally thought of this story back in high school! I remember your cold sore battle with your mother! That is hilarious! Brought back memories!
    P.S. I now have a blog, so if you want to email me your address at, I will invite you to read mine! Oh, Kate! I miss you and your lovely smile! Hope that medicine will work for you!

  2. Oh and I guess I should add that I'm Kelsey Salisbury because you might know tons of people with that name and be confused sorry!

  3. Katelyn, I am so sorry about your cold sores. I don't know why you're the only one in the family that gets them. You should totally make fun of people when they look at your sore and not your eyes. You're still so beautiful anyways!

  4. Hey there...go easy on your mamma!:) I wish so badly I could take that cold sore curse away! No are beautiful anyways! You have always been my personal daily dose of sunshine!:)