Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is what the living room looks like a week after I came home for the summer. But I finally unpacked and the living room is clean. It took me long enough, but I did it. I've never taken this long to unpack. I sat there and looked at all of my stuff and I had absolutely no desire to deal with unpacking. I tell you, unpacking is very energy draining. I've been helping Rach and Brady move in and I can only be worth something for a couple of hours because I just get so tired. Then I look at my stuff and I don't even think about unpacking it. But now that it's feels good. For a week it's been in the back of my head, me sitting here thinking "I need to get this done sometime". I decided yesterday my room was a mess so I might as well clean it and bring more in while I'm at it. It feels good and now my room is in order and I'm finally moved in for the summer.


  1. Bet Mom just loved that mess in there!

  2. I'm still working on that same are so inspiriing