Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleep...the lack thereof

Alright...alright...I am really bad at blogging if most of you haven't noticed. To my blog: I'm sorry, you're feeling quite neglected I would imagine.

But I'm here at work. Sitting and trying to stay awake. I finished all of my projects and I'm just trying to come up with something to do...thus...blogging comes to mind. This is how my night last night went.

I was doing really well on time. I got all my homework done and I was getting prepped and ready to head to bed. My body can't function properly when I don't get enough hours of sleep but I was prepared to fully get the 8 hrs. Well waking up at six is fine on those days when I get enough sleep. But on average for the last 3 nights, I have been able to get 5 hours of sleep, last night being the worst with four. And it's not like I was working on a project or doing homework...I actually did nothing of the sort.

I decided to make sugar cookies for my visiting teachees and my roommates visiting teachees as well. And then we made little bags that turned out fairly cute for Valentine's Day for them (picture to come later). Well that took about until midnight.
And then a welcomed guest came and spent the night. An old roommate and good friend didn't want to head home at midnight to just wake up only a few hours later, like myself, and I don't blame her at all and was very excited to see her. So of course a few roommates and I stayed up and talked (didn't clean up the kitchen from our mess) for two hours. Bed then came to me a little past 2 when I could not force my eyes open any longer and received a four hour nap.

This morning/day has already proven to be no exactly the best. I practically fell asleep already once at work and it's been an hour and a half since I got here...and this is my longest day of the week. From 11-6 on Wednesdays I practically live in the Benson building...aka chemistry...aka death.

So here we are back to present time...and now I'm awake. So to my blog: I thank you. Sometimes it's good not to do work at work...sometimes...maybe?

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  1. YAY! I think the last time you posted was just out of the womb.