Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I have a confession to make. I am thoroughly obsessed with taking pictures. Recently, I was able to get into an intro to photography class at BYU and I absolutely LOVED it. I learned so much and the class was only 7 weeks long. But in any case, it was a blast. So I am an aspiring photographer and if I had time in my life...I would take pictures all day long and be very happy doing so. So this is my new desire on my life. I want to get into the photography program at BYU really bad. But it's near impossible to get into. So I applied once, my freshman year at BYU and didn't get in. So now, I'm going to apply for the last time this November. I want to take pictures and more pictures before that time so I can try as hard as I can to be able to get in. But alas, if I don't get in, that's ok. Because I'll still be able to get better and use photography as a hobby which would be just as fun.
My roommates can attest to the fact that I love it. I get really giddy taking pictures and I take hundreds at one time. One Saturday I spent hours taking pictures and that's what I did for my activity that day...and as geeky as that sounds...it was well worth it.
People ask me what I like taking pictures of and I'm not sure. At times I like taking pictures of scenery, sometimes of abstract objects, but right now I like taking pictures of people. I want to portray real life in a photograph.
People also ask me what I want to do with photography, like my occupation. And honestly...anything. As not concrete as that sounds, taking pictures of anything would be awesome. Being my own photographer, really awesome. Being a photographer for a magazine...also awesome. Working for any company taking pictures would be really fun.
So regardless of what I do, I want to be able to constantly learn because anything you are good at, you can always become better and learn more.
Here is just a couple of pictures that I've taken. Warning: Don't expect something amazing...because I hate to disappoint. It's a work in progress :)

Gummi Bears. The colors were actually really fun to take pictures of. Then I promptly ate them after they were done with their photoshoot.

Irene has been my permanent model and she really hasn't complained a whole lot. We had a lot of fun with this photoshoot. I love my roommates because they love having their pictures taken...so they help out however they can ;)


  1. so maybe you can teach me a little of what you learned in your class??:)

  2. loveeee this :] & not just because it has pictures of me in it. your photos are just getting better and better!