Thursday, June 17, 2010


Someday...this is what I hope to own...someday

So I have this philosophy about never's. While that is for another post, I have one "never" that is no longer true. I said that I never wanted an iPhone. They are too big, they can't fit in a pocket very well, and there is too much stuff on the phone that I won't use. I want one badly. I actually wanted one for Christmas, but the AT&T 2-year contract for my phone wasn't up but as of the end of is!

But here's the thing.
I feel like I can't get one unless I get the iPhone4. I could get the 3GS for less money and no patience but I can't do not me. Of course everyone else wants one too. It was supposed to be released on June 24th...ya that's about when I was planning on getting it. NOW it's already back-ordered until the middle of July because more people wanted it then they planned.

And who knows if I'll get one soon after it comes could be months until I can actually get one. Well that might be an exaggeration.

But you never know, it might be like the iPad where everyone was lining up outside the Apple stores to get their hands on one. Not exactly my ideal situation.

So back to my original predicament...

Someday...someday I hope to hold my very own in my hands :)

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