Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Perfect Miracle

A friend once told me that falling in love with your forever companion is a miracle. The more that I've grown up {And still have a lot to go mind you} I have found out more and more that that's true.

I've gone from being being hopeless...back to being full of faith.

Why love is a miracle:
  • Because if you think about's finding someone at the exact same time that is looking for the exact same thing
  • it could change your mind from being totally against being married to wanting that person forever
  • you wanting to be with someone forever
  • that person being the perfect fit
  • you feeling "right" about that
...if you don't think that's a miracle, then I think you don't have to read my post anymore.

For three of my REALLY good friends, they are getting married. And to be honest, I could not be happier for them.

Cindy and Matthew: August 21st

For some...they know two weeks after they are dating.

And they're roommates could tell right away. She knew it when it didn't take any extra thought.

I once heard Cindy say "I love him. I just said it. I didn't have think about it. I just know that I love him. I didn't have to force myself to say it."

Coriann and Tucker: August 27th

For others, it just happens and a concept that was was so foreign and so far into the future...seems alright and exciting now.

No longer are they scared for they are "ready" {if you can ever be completely ready for marriage}.

Coriann once told me "I was so against marriage. And it was only because I hadn't found the right one. Now...I am so ready to be married. All I care about now is marrying Tucker, I wish it was tomorrow."

Bryan and Dylan: October 7th

And finally for others, it's when you can make a decision...the biggest one...and you know without a doubt that no other plans make a difference.

Instead those plans, mean nothing to this. Bryan received her mission call and then she turned it down. She knew that this guy was for real and nothing else mattered.

She told me "Dylan is the most amazing person I know and all that matters is that I marrying him. I have NEVER been so certain of anything in my life."

To these three, congratulations and I wish you the best. You did it! You found them. There couldn't be any three people that are more deserving than you right now. I will be there to see you at the temple! Wouldn't miss it for anything.

To the rest of my readers, who have found your companion: Take a moment to thank them for what they are...
Your Perfect Miracle


  1. That was the best post. It almost made me cry. Dumb Katelyn! Haha. I'm kidding. But wow, I didn't know you were such a talented writer. Seriously, that was amazing. You put all your thoughts so well to words. Amazingly put. MISS YOU!

  2. i loveeeee this. it's so precious & wonderful.

  3. What a nice post Katelyn. Thank you for saying the things that I take advantage of everyday, and need to be reminded of. My husband is wonderful and I don't know if I tell him that enough.